who I am

I am a story teller, a wife, and momma.

I feel like I've lived a few lives in my 33 years of existence. Everything in my world has always circled back to this: photography. Doing this has honestly been my dream since I was in high school. Film photography was my jam- the darkroom, developing my photos, I could honestly go on forever! Taking photos for the group or event has always been my 'role' in every situation, and I welcome it with all my heart. I want to capture not only great photos, but real moments between you and your mate. I want you to look back and remember how you felt in that moment, not how stressed you were to look "perfect". I take pride in all that I do, especially photography. My work isn't about posing, I like to think of it as documenting this time of your life. I set out to capture the authentic you, so when you look at these photos, you'll remember the way you feel when you're together. If you're interested in allowing me to capture all that you love, then let's chat and set a date!

Hobbies include:

DIY projects- thanks to TikTok university, I am always thinking of new things to do in our home.

Thrifting- sometimes I resale but I mostly find stuff for my space

Decorating my little love nest- *see thrifting hobby*

Watching and rating movies with my husbabe- mostly horror films but sometimes rom coms. Popcorn and Soda Pop on a night off from his studio is a great night!

Singing- shower, car, karaoke, grocery store, but I mostly enjoy singing with my dad

Painting my nails- fun fact: I am a certified nail technician! If you need a manicure before the shoot, let me know!